eduardo cunchillos
EUROTOX registered Toxicologist and Expert in Toxicology (University of Sevilla) with more than 20 years of experience in drug safety evaluation. The first 16 of which, Eduardo was involved in nonclinical study execution as a Study Director and responsibility for toxicological programs of new drugs in medium-size pharmaceutical companies. In 2004, Eduardo became an independent consultant and founded Innoqua, putting his experience at the disposal of customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, health, chemical and food industries. During this period Eduardo has accumulated a sound background in scientific and technical toxicological issues as well as wide experience in global development and liaison with regulatory agencies from Europe and the US.
eduardo cunchillo
Laura lopez
Laura has more than one decade of experience in different areas of nonclinical development of medicinal products from both pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies’ perspectives. This has equipped her with a broad vision and strong background on drug safety, nonclinical study monitoring and regulatory strategies within multiple therapeutic areas (human and veterinary) and the Cosmetics industry.

Following PhD and postdoctoral research on nonclinical development of DNA vaccines, Laura was the project leader for a vaccine candidate in a German biotech company for over 5 years. Following this, Laura was laboratory director and study director for biotechnology, cell and gene therapy products in a nonclinical CRO, nonclinical assessor at the Spanish Medicines Agency and head of nonclinical quality assurance unit (GLPs) of a pharmaceutical Spanish company. Since 2008, Laura has become a nonclinical and toxicology consultant at Innoqua.

laura lópez
David López
After obtaining his degree in Biology (Biochemistry, UAB) David worked in the field of ecotoxicology, in vitro toxicology and organochloride compounds detection in wastewater for more than 6 years, getting his PhD in this area in 1999 (UPC). In 2000 he moved into the pharmaceutical industry, working in the preclinical development area initially focused on GLP compliance and later on preclinical study monitoring and safety evaluation in several projects, gaining experience in metabolism, bioanalysis, toxicokinetics and toxicology. David joined Innoqua in March 2009 and got his certification by the American Board of Toxicology in 2014.

We also count on the collaboration of a broad network of nonclinical experts covering multiple specialization areas as needed by our customers.