pharmaceutical & biotech industry
Our list of customers has been continuously growing since we started our consultancy activity and, most importantly, we regard our customer’s satisfaction as our best credential. They have entrusted their projects to us for several years and will certainly do it again.

The key of this satisfactory relationship is based on the philosophy that inspires our work:

Independency to advise our customers on the best strategies for their interests

Personal commitment
to feel their projects as ours, putting effort and interest into the progress  of the project, and meeting timelines as if we were integrated in their research team.

Honesty to recommend the most straightforward path and to avoid conducting unnecessary tasks and thus, optimizing costs.

Balance between our customer’s interests and fulfilment of regulatory requirements, always ensuring that the safeguard of public health is our mutual goal.

Flexibility to adjust our scope of collaboration and rhythm to our customer’s needs.

In addition, confidentiality, experience, plus scientific and regulatory background are prerequisites without which we cannot satisfactorily do our job.

Summing up, we are committed to help our customers to simplify the long process to assess the safety of their products and to meet regulatory milestones in a smooth, timely and cost-effective way.