Last June 2015, more than 100 people attended at the First Innoqua Seminar on Non-clinical drug development. Innoqua carefully designed the programme to address key topics in non-clinical development including reprotoxicology, biologics development, anticancer drugs, imaging diagnostics, regulatory strategies and immunotoxicology. A selected pannel of key European experts in these areas joined us.

This free seminar sponsored by Innoqua was addressed to professionals in the field of drug development and mainly focused on toxicology in non-clinical species. Attendees enjoyed the state of the art talks given by the speakers and had some fun as well taking advantage of the seminar as a networking platform in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Most of the Spanish biotech, start-up, small and medium sized pharma companies were represented in the seminar.

The success of this first semminar encourages Innoqua to organize a new one in the future.